The P.E.A foundation sets up libraries in communities and in public schools to support the government in developing quality education and creating an opportunity for youth and more to develop themselves mentally

As at date, we have set up five (5) libraries in communities and schools

  1. The Ojokoro community Library
  2. Ijaiye Ojokoro Senior College Library
  3. Agbado Ijaiye Primary School Library 
  4. LASWA Library
  5. IDP Library



To further consolidate the impact of the library and improve the general reading culture of Nigerians, we host a monthly book reading club for children, teenagers, young adults, women.

In addition to the review of the book of the month, club members also have the opportunity to discuss current affairs, present their creative write-ups and interact with our monthly guest readers. Several members of the club have discovered their gift for writing while others have become more confident in sharing their views and opinions.


The foundation annually organizes the Ojokoro Brain Challenge. This is a community based Quiz & Debate competition geared towards inspiring secondary school students to pursue academic excellence irrespective of their material and or financial challenges.

It is a platform designed to engage, evaluate and reward secondary school students for the pursuit as well as display of intellectual & academic excellence. The finalist of the competition receives prizes and an all-expense paid excursion.

Most students living in under served communities hardly have the access and opportunity to participate in such competitions therefore our goal is to replicate this successful Ojokoro model in other grass root communities. At the 2015 edition, H.E. Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode (Executive Governor of Lagos State) commended P.E.A Foundation for this grass root based competition and pledged his administration’s support for such initiatives.


The P.E.A Foundation’s annual ACADEMY is a 2-3 day intensive training platform designed to equip secondary school students with leadership and life skills such as planning, goal setting and achieving, study techniques, time management & interpersonal skills, sex education etc.

Academic & career counseling is also carried out, giving students the opportunity to ascertain their academic strength areas as well as discover their talents. They are also given the opportunity to interact with professionals from various fields and industry.


This is a one-on-one mentoring program designed for the top finalist of the Brain Challenge Competition. Mentors are assigned to each of the finalist for a period of 12 months with the goal of assisting them with critical academic and career decisions. We believe that access to quality education as well as effective guidance through mentoring remains the greatest tools to break the cycle of poverty.

We are constantly recruiting well meaning individuals to join our team serving as mentors.


The Excursion is one of the gifts awarded the top finalist of the annual Ojokoro Community Brain Challenge Quiz & Debate Competition. The excursion is designed to be a visual experience that will inspire and encourage participants to invest in the pursuit of academic excellence. It is a combination of learning, exposure to the work place, sightseeing and fun.

So far we have visited Lekki Conservation Center, University of Lagos, National Museum, and corporate organizations. We often finish the annual excursion trip at the cinema. This is a way of broadening their experience as it has been discovered that 70% of the participants confirm that it would be their first excursion experience.

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