I believe this is a question that has plagued most of us since high school.
Days where we were struggling with passing tests and examinations.😥
Days when we struggled with a particular course, and for some us a lot of subjects.😣
Days where the fear of WAEC and JAMB is the beginning of wisdom!
We couldn’t even contemplate finishing school talk less of going into university to study a particular course and thread a particular career path.
What is even a career again
This question, though simple is fraught with anxiety, fear and unease.
This is even made worse when there are societal, parental and institutional influences involved.

What courses are there to study in the University?
How do you become a medical doctor, for instance?
I am in SSS 2, and I just realized I am not meant for the science class. What do I do?
I would like to study English, but my parents want me to go for LAW. What do I do?
My brother studied Engineering and he works in a bank.
Why bother choosing a course to study in the university when you would end up not using it to work?
I am not so good in school, but I am good with my hands.
I can repair things, design clothes or bake. Are there courses and universities that I could go to study these things?
All of these questions and more would be answered at the career mentoring and life skills seminar organised by PEA Foundation on the 12th of March 2019.

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