This was the comment I got yesterday after I posted on my FB and IG page about the fact that Nigerians do not read.
“Dr. Taiwo, the brains need to rest. Don’t blame Nigerians”
There is this myth about the brain needing to rest after university. 
It’s tired after 4/5 years of being very active- you know trying to understand new concepts and knowledge in your course.

And for some of us who have decided to do an MA and a PhD, you can only imagine how fatigue our brains are. It should be sluggish, weighed down as a result of it being overfed with knowledge. But it is not, how come?
As we grow old, our bodies are not the only things that deteriorate? Our minds also tend to decline at an equally alarming rate, unless it is forced to ‘exercise’.
However, a study done at  Rush University Medical Center in Chicago suggests that individuals who exercise their brains by taking part in activities such as reading both early and late in life, maintain and build connections between brain cells. 
These connections would help to compensate for damage to the brain caused by Alzheimer’s and dementia – or just plain old age.
READ, for a healthy and active brain later on in life.

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