These are the common theme that came up during our career counseling and life skill seminar last week Thursday organised by PEA Foundation
1⃣ Some of the students are beginning to realise very late that maybe they have chosen the wrong class and would be sitting for an exam that they might probably not do very well in.
2⃣ Some students are in the class they are in because of societal pressure to be doctors, lawyers and accountants.
3⃣ Students find it difficult to get adults that are representation of their future imagined professional identities, hence the need for role models.
4⃣Students have no clue or idea what other kinds of career they can choose for themselves apart from being a doctor, lawyer or an accountant.
5⃣Due to the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria, these particular students are learning vocational skills that would be beneficial to them, which is good but then they see no reason(s) why they should continue their education after WAEC.

I wasn’t surprised because my PhD research brought up these same issues, hence the need for this career and counseling sessions for students.
After going through 100s of data collected from public schools, our findings suggests that students go into university without having a clear career path and role model for their chosen course.
Since students have no clue as to what other career options to decide on, and what goes on in the ‘world of work’, would you like to serve as one of our role models?
We need models that would be representatives of their imagined career options.
We need individuals that would help bridge the gap between their current identity as students and their imagined professional identities.
We need people that wold show them step-by-step how to go from the ‘world of school’ to the ‘world of work’.
If this is something you can do, and are interested in, Please DM us, and we would take it from there.
NB: Whatever career it is, so long as it is honest and puts food on your table, we need you!
The students need you!

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